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This Website is dedicated to informing the public about SIMS, a South African
based software development company. Feel free to browse and find out more
about our history, what we are all about, projects which we have worked on,
as well as our current activities and plans for the future.


Some of the recent projects which SIMS has undertaken and completed . . .

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About SIMS

Here at SIMS we help our clients deal with and solve their everyday business challenges by developing customized
software solutions for them. As our company name suggests, we strive to deliver systems which will harmoniously
integrate with a company.

SIMS is able to do this by utilizing modern tools, techniques and methodologies to ensure that a correct and relevant
system is developed for our client's specific requirements.

Whether a client needs an entire system designed and developed from scratch, or simply an additional system to be
integrated with their current systems, SIMS can provide the required solution.

Our clients don't have to change their business processes to conform to the software which they use, but rather they
can rely on us to deliver the software and systems that conform to their business processes and needs.

Our History

In 2008 SIMS was informally started in White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Graham Buchanan, founder and owner of SIMS, who was at the time studying for his BSc Honors Degree in IT Management, came to realize the need for a company that could provide customized software solutions for businesses within the Lowveld region.

SIMS First Office

Graham Buchanan - Founder of SIMS

White River

Due to the shortage of skilled software developers within the Lowveld many companies relied on software development houses from the Gauteng region to cater for their software requirements, but more often than not this proved to be both expensive and impractical.

While SIMS was still trading informally it received its first big break when it was given the opportunity to develop several software systems for LT Plant, an established company in the Lowveld and a heavy weight in the timber transport industry across Southern Africa. This is where SIMS really got to cut its teeth with in the software development industry, and also where many practical and lasting lessons were learnt with regards to software development approaches.

SIMS then went on to develop systems for a vast range of industries, including education, government grant distribution, retail, hospitality, transport as well as for non-profit organizations and numerous SMEs. These systems include multiple customized data management systems, Point-of-Sale systems, Movie & Media framework applications, Internet Cafe management software, and Vehicle GPS & Map tracking systems.

History tells us that Silicon Valley is littered with companies that had their origins in garages, such as Amazon, Apple, HP and Google, just to name a few. When SIMS was initially started most of the software development and running of the company took place from inside the founder's bedroom cupboard - kind of like Harry Potter, just way cooler.

In the February of 2010 SIMS was officially registered as a CC and began to collaborate with several other companies to work on tenders for various government departments.

SIMS has worked with and continues to work with several entrepreneurial software developers who are just starting out fresh from college to help them get on their feet. While the founder of SIMS was finishing up his studies he came to realize that many tertiary institutes fail to provide new software developers with practical help and opportunities to get started in the industry, and so SIMS tries to address this challenge by helping new developers bridge this gap.

Today SIMS is based in Gauteng and continues to provide software & web based solutions for clients across the country, as well as in over-seas countries including the USA and Australia. Strong relations are maintained with several organizations based in the Lowveld where SIMS was initially founded.


If you like what you've see on our site and are interested in having a custom solution
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